Bebe & Beignet @ Home

Beignet loves to play fetch. Outdoors or in our long hall she goes on and on faithfully bringing the ball back. She especially loves catching the ball midair often using her front paws to assist. I think her enjoyment comes from the fact that Bichons were used in spectacles and carnivals performing tricks for the crowds.

A Positive Only • A Holistic Approach


From Newfoundlands to Cavachons I love helping dogs get the most out of our visits and walks. Having time to sniff, experience textures, pack walk and play is so important to dogs. I’ve raised German Shepard puppies and studied dog development and breed characteristics. My favorite book on dog training is “The Monks of New Skeet”. It’s a fantastic resource about how dogs develop from infancy and how that influences their adult behavior. I’ve also taken a doggie first-aid course. My own dog, Beignet, a 17-pound Bichon and Cavalier King Charles mix loves company for walks, play and visiting. I make every effort making my home dog welcoming and safe. Knowledge, empathy, and positive reinforcement characterize my style – plus I make my own pure liver treats!

All about Beignet

All about Beignet, the station chief who is a cavachon Bichon Frise 4 years, 2 mo. old, 17 lbs.

When Bebe watches your dog

There are three dog parks within 5 minutes of my apartment so we will play on leash and off! Inside my dog friendly artists’ building I have a great hall for playing fetch and a large quiet loft to hang out in with lots of cushy (and protected) furniture to sleep on.